Following HealthTrain en route of Tashkent – Turtkul – Misken – Tashkent departs on September 17

Since achieving our country’s political sovereignty, issues associated with the expression of particular concern to the younger generation, strengthening maternal and child health, social safety of population, and support for vulnerable social groups became the basis of national development strategies. Involving nongovernmental charity organizations plays important role for successful realization of these extensive tasks.

“Soglom avlod uchun” international non-governmental charity foundation has been operating successfully for a long time. In the course of the functional activity, the foundation has been developing and implementing a variety of social projects in the spheres of health, charity, sports and education.

One of the successful projects has become annual program which was specifically developed with “Uzbekistan Railways” associated with formation and direction of HealthTrain to ecologically disadvantaged regions of the Republic. Team members of HealthTrain consist of highly qualified health care specialists, employees of “Soglom avlod uchun” foundation and volunteers. Brigade of specialists arriving at targeted places will conduct extensive medical examination of the local population. Particular attention will be given to children with disabilities, large families who lost parent. Humanitarian aid will also be provided to needy, specialized child care institutions, boarding schools and preschools. The humanitarian cargo consists of food, medicines, medical supplies, sanitary and hygiene products. It is also planned to provide wheelchairs as a targeted humanitarian assistance. In addition, specialists of medical social patronage of foundation’s branches plan to organize various meetings, discussions for promoting a healthy lifestyle and medical culture.

The sponsors of the next departure are such grants of charitable activities as “AmeriCares” International Charity Organization(USA), “Nestle-Uzbekistan” JV, as well as our local enterprises such as “Uzpharmsanoat” SSC, “Dori-Darmon” SC, “Iffatli Kelin” nonprofit educational organization, “Zamona Rano” LLC, “TEHNOFARM” LLC and “Agrobiokimyo” LLC.

Departure of HealthTrain en route of Tashkent – Turtkul – Misken – Tashkent is scheduled for September 17, 2011. The train leaves from North Train Station of our capital. Mobile team plans to conduct its work until September 24.

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