Reports for 2011 on Medical programs

In order to continue implementing the State program for early detection of congenital and hereditary diseases to prevent the birth of disabled children (Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-892 as of 18.06.2008 “On the State program for early detection of congenital and hereditary diseases to prevent the birth of disabled children”) for 2011 was held three meetings of the tender commission for the supply of child nutritional therapy for children with phenylketonuria.

As a result of the meetings of the tender commission among three companies «Stratford Group Management Ltd» (Great Britain) was selected, which delivered the baby health food manufactured by company «Hero Espana SA» (Spain) under contract of a total amount of 802.3 thousand U.S. dollars .

For the purpose of the neonatal and prenatal screening in January 2011, “Soglom avlod uchun” foundation transferred reagents to the Republican Screening  Center for the total amount of 2312 660.4 thousand soum.

During the reporting period a competitive selection was conducted for the supply of levothyroxine sodium № 50, in 9400 packaging for children with congenital hypothyroidism among pharmaceutical companies of the country. At the end of the contest “Dori-Darmon” won which delivered products totaling 41175.6 thousand soum. The Foundation in turn gave drugs to Republican Screening Centre for onward transmission to the regional screening centers of the country.

During 2011, on the basis of the State program of “Mother and child screening” screening centers of the republic held 501,365 of neonatal screening for congenital hypothyroidism and 502 556 neonatal screening for phenylketonuria. Of the surveyed newborns 9205 were at risk for congenital hypothyroidism and 2515 for phenylketonuria, which currently receive specialized baby food and medicines free of charge through the offices of the National Screening Center in the regions. During 2011 a total of 2692 packages of the “L-thyroxine” drug were distributed to children with congenital and transient hypothyroidism, pregnant women at risk for thyroid disease, as well as 5208 cans of nutritional therapy for children with phenylketonuria.

In order to ensure that the awareness on the prevention of congenital and hereditary diseases, the Foundation was published and distributed booklets with cost of 7 800.0 thousand soum on the subjects such as “How dangerous kinship marriages,” “What is screening? ‘” Stop addiction”,” Do you know about AIDS “and others with a total circulation of 40,000 copies.

In the reporting period the foundation continued the implementation of the State Program “On the creation of Medical and social support in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.

In particular, mobile teams of medical social support of the Foundation, with support from regional khokimiyats, mahalla councils and health care institutions performed a systematic study of the psychological climate and state of health of 39 725 families in 1748 most remote villages, in 2590 mahallas through the Republic. Medical examination covered 221 172 people, including 68,174 children and 114,320 women.

The mobile teams of medical social support of the Foundation provided humanitarian assistance to persons from low-income, large families and disabled people which included medicines in the amount of 542,757 units and 82,926 packaging, sanitary and hygiene products in the amount of 185,219 units, the clothes in the amount of 13,271 units, wheelchairs in an amount of 88 units, as well as food in the amount of 11,082 kg. The total cost of humanitarian aid was provided made up 431 184.0 thousand soum.

During 2011 the specialists of mobile teams of health and social patronage in conjunction with the Women’s Committee and Ministry of Health conducted extensive on-site sanitary-educational work among the population. In particular, 4476 interviews and lectures were conducted, with the distribution of informational materials in an amount of 35,683 booklets, which were covered by 191,232 listeners.

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