Healthy program in action

Health of mother and child is richness of each country. Protection of this wealth defines the wellbeing further way of the people. And today this tradition hasn’t lost the urgency in a century of technologies.

Fund activity INCF “For Healthy Generation” is directed to provide the health of young generation, protection of mother and childhood, creation good environment for physical and moral development of children. One of the priority activities of the fund is to cooperate with foreign humanitarian organizations for the purpose of implementation of joint humanitarian programs, including programs on treatment of children from Uzbekistan in the best clinics of the world.

For striking example to that could be cooperation with the Korean fund for international Healthcare – Fund in the memory of the Doctor Dzhong – Vuk in the sphere of health care of children. During 2007 the joint project was realized on reconstruction of the main building of children’s hospital in the Urta-Chirchik district of the Tashkent region with the aim of strengthening of material-technical base, and its supplement with the medical equipments for total amount of 500 thousand US dollars, 44 900000 Korean won and 239 million sum. Also, in the help of the KOFIH – the fund in the memory of the Doctor Dhzong – Vuk is being carried out programs on professional development of medical shots and improving quality of rendered medical services in the framework of which 13 doctors have already passed a course of vocational training in South Korea.

In 2011 the new building of the medico-social Center of INCF “For Healthy Generation” was constructed and equipped with the modern medical equipments. Thus the budget of the project made more than 586, 0 thousand US dollars.

Also it should be stated that in the framework of cooperation with the international organization the KOFIH began implementing the project on expansion of system of medico-social patronage in Uzbekistan, mainly for the population living in remote regions, by means of the organizations of the Interregional mobile brigade of the medico-social help on the basis of the special motor transport of HYUNDAY, equipped with the modern diagnostic and medical equipments in number of 25 units, total cost of 214 341 US dollar.

On the basis of Program approved by E.I.Basitkhanova, the Deputy prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, visit of Hospital of University Inn Ha (Korea) delegations to Uzbekistan  led by the president of hospital during July 6-13, 2012 of No. 10/103-172 from 15.06.2012 is planned for the period carrying out medical examination of the population on July 7 in the Medico-social Center of Fund (the Yunusobod area, Sh. Rashidov St., 94A), on July 8 in “Arirang” boarding house of the Tashkent area (the Yuqori Chirchiq area, the settlement Surakent) Survey of the population will be carried out by such experts as: the doctor surgeon, the cardiologist, the podiatrist, the orthopedist, the ophthalmologist, specialists of Hospital of University Ying Ha in number of 17 people.

Besides carrying out free medical examination on July 7 there is being organized a visit to the Tashkent medical academy of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and to sign a cooperation agreement among the Tashkent medical academy, University Hospital Inn Ha and “For Healthy Generation” (INCF) in this year. Also on July 7 it’s being planned to visit INCF “For Healthy Generation” on the purpose of singing the Cooperation agreement in the health care sphere among Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, University Hospital Inn Ha and INCF “For Healthy Generation”.

The international charity fund “For Healthy Generation” thanks for cooperation of mass media representatives in broadcasting this action.

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