Korean doctors to carry out medical examination of population

A delegation of hospital of EwhaWomans University will pay a visit to Uzbekistan on 19-26 January 2014 to carry out medical examination of population.

The visit is organized within the cooperation of International non-governmental charity fund SoglomAvlodUchun and EwhaWomans University (South Korea). The delegation will include 19 specialists.

Cardiologist, urologist, pediatrician, ophthalmologist and other specialists will examine population within the campaign.

South Korea specialists will conduct medical examination of population at Tashkent Pediatric Institute on 20-21 January, Medical-Social Center of SoglomAvlodUchun (22-23 January) and Urta-Chirchiq Children Hospital (24 January).

It is also planned that the South Korean specialists will carry out several free operations at clinics of Tashkent Pediatric Institute.

The South Korean doctors will also provide medicaments to all observed people as a humanitarian aid.


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