A delegation of Severance Hospital to visit Uzbekistan

The Severance Hospital of the Yonsei University Health System (South Korea) will pay a visit to Uzbekistan on 9-16 February 2014.

During the visit, the specialties of Severance Hospital will conduct medical inspections of population. The medical exams will be held at Medical-Social Center of SoglomAvlodUchun on 10-11 February and Urta-Chirchiq Children Hospital of Tashkent region on 12-13 February 2014.

The pediatrician, cardiologist, neurosurgeon, therapeutist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist and others will examine Uzbek population.

During the campaign, foreign specialists are planning to hold ophthalmological examination of children at the age between 6 and 12.

In particular, the children from school No. 9 of Tashkent (10 February), Mercy House No. 24of Tashkent (11 February), schools No 1. (12 February) and school No. 48 of Urta-Chirchiq district of Tashkent will undergo medical examinations. It is expected that special eye tools will be handed over to patients.

Professors of the South Korean hospital will read lectures at Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.


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