Festival of Beauty and Grace


IV sports festival “World of Grace” for the Cup of the Soglom avlod uchun (For healthy generation) International Charity Fund, dedicated to the 8th March International Women's Day started at the Republican specialized children’s and youth sports school of Olympic reserve in rhythmic gymnastics.
The event was organized by the Soglom avlod uchun International Charity Fund in conjunction with the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Children's Sports Development Fund and a number of other organizations.
Opening the festival, speakers underscored that the consistent emphasis, in our country, placed on the development of children's sports, serves for fostering the growing generation as physically healthy and spiritually mature personalities.
As a result of the work, the number of children who are regularly involved in sports is increasingly growing. In particular, girls are actively attending various sports clubs. Boys and girls going in for sports are growing healthy, and their world outlook has been changing, they achieve good results in their studies, sports and other fields.
The purpose of the sports festival "World of Grace" is a broad involvement of youth to the sports, especially girls, improving their health, promotion of physical training, wide promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
250 girls compete at the festival in such sports like synchronized swimming, swimming, diving, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, and sports dancing.
On the first day of the festival, Samira Ahmedova, Yasmina Rahimova, Natalya Usova, Domenika Damirova, Kseniya Morozova and Kristina Pak rose to the podium in competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. In sports gymnastics Farzona Xolboyeva, Naima Nigmonova, Omina Saidumarova, Roksana Sharipova, Dildora Aripova and Aleksandra Shevchenko became winners.

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