A Medical Examination of the Resedents of Bukhara by the Ophthalmologists from South Korea

A medical examination of the population of Bukhara is conducted by the doctors-ophthalmologists of the international organization "Vision Care" (Republic of Korea) in the Bukhara regional multidisciplinary medical centers.

The International nongovernmental charity fund “Soglom Avlod Uchun”, in the framework of State programs in the health sector with a view to the rehabilitation of sick children and children with disabilities, in cooperation with foreign organizations implements a number of projects. For example, as a result of the establishment of cooperation with the international organization “Friedensdorf International” (Germany), the International Fund "Save the Children" (Republic of Korea) and other agencies – group of children with congenital heart disease, burns and other diseases were cured free of charge.

Last year, also in this medical center, a medical examination of the residents of Bukhara and Navoi regions was conducted by South Korean doctors with the assistance of the corporation "Daewoo International". 93 patients were performed the cataract and lens replacement surgeries.

This year, the residents of Bukhara region underwent a medical examination under the guidance of the qualified doctors from South Korea and, if it was necessary, patients received surgery.

Erkin Yodgorov, photo by Tohir Istatov, UzA

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