The beginning of realization of program is 1998. The main partners of the foundation are Procter and Gamble, Ministry of Health and Ministry of public education. The following programs are carried out in all secondary schools and maternity complexes of Uzbekistan:

“The healthy body – healthy child” (schools of young mothers was established at maternity complexes of the Republic where young mothers are trained on skills in care of newborns).
“Dazzling smile” (in all secondary schools of the Republic the trainings on mouth cavity are for pupils of elementary grades of secondary schools.

“Transition age” (trainings in sanitary educational character are held for teenagers of secondary schools).

In total within the framework of the given program more than 500 thousand pupils of secondary schools and young mothers have been trained in Uzbekistan. In 2003, it has been declared that realization of the given programs will be continued during 2003-2008. Within the framework of the programs Procter and Gamble company provides humanitarian assistance with products of sanitary and hygiene for children and women.

Soglom avlod uchun foundation together with a number of the Ministries and departments carries out a complex of measures on preventive maintenance of drug-abuse and AIDS, conducting a healthy way of life, preparation of young girls for family life. Within the framework of the given program actual teaching and educational programs such as In XXI century without drugs, I have made my choice, SIGIS on preventive maintenance and prevention tobacco abuse, drug abuse, AIDS and training the rules of healthy way of life and hygiene of youth are carried out. Experts of Soglom avlod uchun foundation realizes meetings with the population in military divisions, high schools and institutes of higher education, including on issues of human rights and propagation of bases of the Constitution. In total about 50 thousand such kind of activities are annually realized, in which more than 1 million people has taken part so far.