«Medical-social patronage»
«Screening of mother and child»
«Health improvement of child and women of fertile age»
«Strengthening material-technique base of obstetrical and children’s medical institutions»
«Organization and sending HEALTH TRAIN to ecologically unfavorable regions of the Republic»


The program has been carried out since 1996 in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan as of 22.02.1996, #71

The main aims:

–   Identifying hygienic condition of habitation, physiological  climate of family, family members’ health level, especially women and children

–  Timely identifying women and children, who lack in medical, social and physiological aid, social-legal assistance

– Formation of healthy life style in family


Medical-social worker
Nurse-laboratory assistant


Ultrasound equipment
Endoscope (colcoscope)
Mobile sterilizer

In the system of Medical-social patronage there are 14 Mobile brigades (each region has single brigade) at the head of Medical-social center of the «Soglom avlod uchun» Foundation.

Donation of “Korean Foundation of International Healthcare-memorial fund of Lee Jong Wook” in system of medical-social patronage (International program)

The 69th Resolution of Cabinet of Ministries of the Republic of Uzbekistan as of 13rd March 2009

Soglom avlod uchun” foundation established fruitful cooperation with «The Korean Foundation of International Healthcare– K-FIH» of South Korea for system of medical-social patronage of the Republic of Uzbekistan which contributed to the activity of an inter-regional mobile brigade.

Program «Screening of mother and child»

Aim of the program is early detection inherent and congenital disease for birth prevention of disabled.

The main achievements of Program:

  • Created 11 screening centers all over the republic at the head of Republican screening-center in Tashkent city;
  • Women and children passed examination for TORCH-infection;
  • 156 specialists have been prepared for medical-social patronage service of the republic
  • On 14 % decrease intensive rates of children with inherent anomaly (data of State Committee of statistics)

President’s Resolution-892 as of 18th of June «State program of early detection innate and congenital disease for birth prevention of congenital disabled person»

With regard to preventing birth of congenital handicapped person the Foundation has been implementing systematic sanitary-educational work in the most remote regions with use of modern means of video equipment.

Program on health improvement of children and women of fertile age

One of the main programs of foundation and implementing from the moment of formation “Soglom avlod uchun”

Several facts:

  • 120 children with different severity of pathology, treated in leading foreign clinics of Germany and South Korea on charity base;
  • 1100 children with inherent maxillofacial defects from different regions of Uzbekistan took operative treatment in republicans clinics (grant of Federative Republic of Germany);
  • Programs on prophylactic of pancreatic diabetes;
  • 217 people, mainly children, with abnormalities of hearing received hearing aid (audiphones) manufactured by company “Audiophone Normann”;
  • 650 children from 9 administrative regions of Republic in 2006-2007y. Had rest in children’s health camp, free of charge.

«Health Train»

Project has been undertaken since 2000

The main direction: Providing medical, social and humanitarian to needy population in ecological unfavorable regions of republic

Overview of medical program

The foundation launched program in 1998 with the purpose of reducing the birth of disabled children; early revealing and accepting on the account children with phenylketonuria and hypotherioses which leads to mental backwardness; preventions of children from development of various diseases. Partners of “Soglom avlod uchun” foundation in realization of the program are “Pribory Oy”, “Merck KGAA”, “Bristol Meyers Squibb”.

With the initiative of the foundation the Republican screening center was founded in Tashkent, and in Andijan, Bukhara, Karshi, Namangan, Nukus, Samarkand, Termez, Fergana the regional screening centers was launched, which cover almost 95 % of all population of Uzbekistan.
Having the hi-tech equipment, which was given by “Soglom avlod uchun” foundation, the Centers carry out the following kinds of activity:
– Mass screening of newborns on various diseases;.
– Prenatal (pre-birth) screening of pregnant women on congenital developmental anomalies of fertility
– Medical genetic consultation of families and patients with a congenital and hereditary pathology.
– Rendering humanitarian aid to families with the revealed pathology of children’s nutrition.
Medical genetic consultation is carried out by experts of different structure: genetic specialists, neuropathologists, endocrinologist, gynecologists, and speech-disorder teachers. Antenatal diagnostics allow defining health condition of fertility during pregnancy. The basic purpose is to define whether the child is healthy developing in a womb of mother. Neonatal screening annually covers about 73 % of newborns of Uzbekistan. In total about 1,3 million newborns have passed examination. Only in 2002 more than 112 thousand pregnant women underwent screening. Patients, revealed in a course of screening researches, are on the account of dispensary in the screening centers, receiving dietetic therapy and medical aid. In inspection of newborn and young mothers employees of the scientific research institute of endocrinology are actively involved.

Experts of the screening centers actively participate in inspection of the population in provinces together with brigades of medical social home nursing, going to the remote areas of Uzbekistan.

“Soglom avlod uchun” foundation participates in promotion of the staff of the screening centers, and also participates in improvement of professional skill of experts, involving foreign experts and specialists. In 2003 study was conducted for 30 genetic workers, together with scientists from Russia. Results of the screening centers work are analyzed and as scientific development are reported on the international symposiums and congresses. In 2003 experts of “Soglom avlod uchun” foundation have taken part in the International Congress of pediatrists in Moscow and Congress ” Doctors of the world are for patients ” in Saint Petersburg.

Screening of mother and the child program is recognized as priority in social policy of the government and included in the State programs.