The work was carried out jointly with the international charity organization AmeriCares (USA).

Since 2010, the Fund, within the framework of international cooperation on food aid to Uzbekistan, has been implementing jointly with the NGO Resource & Policy Exchange USAID (USA)
the provision of goods in the form of dried vegetable soups within the framework of the “Food for Peace Program” for 2010-2023 over the years of work has been distributed to specialized medical and social institutions and houses “Muruvat” and “Sakhavat”, located in all regions, a total of 1 one thousand 557.96 tons of vegetable soups worth 4 million 423.5 soums. Republic of Uzbekistan.

With financial assistance of $100,000 from the US government through the USAID Office of Disaster Relief (USAID/OFDA) and the NGO Resource & Policy Exchange (USA) Pandemic Fund (May-June 2020). ) A project aimed at helping families affected by the tragedy was implemented at the Sardoba reservoir in the Syrdarya region. The project provided more than 2,000 families evacuated from the typhoon with basic necessities, including food, blankets and hygiene products.