Fund support

$2.1 million to the fund through 2023
More than 6.8 billion soums were raised from 45 donations and distributed to families in need of social assistance through the republican treatment system, including:

• A total of 21.4 million from the international organization AmeriSares (USA). 14 shipments of humanitarian aid consisting of medicines, glasses, antibiotics, vitamins and medical products worth more than US dollars;
• Total from the international organization “Resource and Policy Exchange” (USA).
131.3 tons of fortified soups from dried vegetables worth 423 thousand US dollars were brought and delivered to social institutions of our country;
• stationery and folders from Norvale Company LLC in the amount of 38.95 million soums;
• Cooperation with the Cooperation and Coordination Agency of Turkey “TIKA” (Republic of Turkey) 103.28 million soums of sports equipment and stationery.
In addition, we received donations of medicines and sanitary and hygienic products totaling 6.8 billion soums from foreign and local enterprises operating in our country, including:
• JURABEC LABORATORIES LLC – 3,734.0 million rubles. medicines worth soums;
• WINGS DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LLC - 1,693.5 million rubles. hygiene products in the amount of soums;
• MEROS FARM TASHKEN LLC - 720.1 million rubles. medicines worth soums;
• UZBEKISTAN FRIEND - SUPPLY LLC - 27 million rubles. medicines worth soums;
• JSC "Dori-Darmon" - 164.6 million rubles. medicines, etc. in the amount of soums.
• DENDROBIUM COSMETICS LLC – 47.8 million rubles. hygiene products in the amount of soums;
• VEF SAU LLC – 207.3 million rubles. medicines worth soums;
• MEDIAPARK GROUP LLC - computer equipment worth 0.36 million soums.
It should be noted that all of the above humanitarian aid, including antibiotics, vitamins, anti-anemic drugs for women, cardiovascular drugs, breathing apparatus, wheelchairs, syringes and medical supplies, were delivered to more than 350 medical institutions in our country . and was distributed through the Foundation's medical visiting teams. Mobile teams of medical and social patronage of the Foundation for a Healthy Generation and the Uzbek Railways joint-stock company provide targeted assistance to the population as part of the annual Health Train events.