Humanitarian charity events with sponsors co-production “Generika” and co-production “Erkatoy Group”

Humanitarian aid in the form of medicines (Azbakt tab. 500mg, Vagiprobiox Caps , Promez caps. 20mg 30, Floxeif 400mg tab and others) from co-production "GENERIKA" in the amount of 618.2 million soums was attracted for the implementation of charitable activities of the foundation and comprehensive support for socially vulnerable segments of the population. This humanitarian cargo is currently distributed free of charge to low-income segments of the population by mobile medical and social assistance teams of the Fund's territorial branches.

In addition, the charitable activities of the foundation also attracted humanitarian cargo in the form of children's toys (train with a wagon, Steffi Love doll Steffi mix SIMBA and others) from the co-production “ERKATOY GROUP” in the amount of 6.7 million soums.

The «Soglom Avlod Uchun» Foundation thanks our sponsors for supporting our charitable missions and looks forward to further cooperation in the implementation of social projects.


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