Activities of the foundation and its territorial branches.

Pursuant to the Resolution

Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №71

dated February 22, 1996

"On the creation of a system of medical and social patronage

in the Republic of Uzbekistan "

The charitable foundation “Soglom avlod Uchun " of Andijan region 29.03 to 01.04 employees of the medical and social brigade in the mahallas “Shomot”, “Khur shlka”, “Sersuv”, “Korakyrgon”, “Kumshaydon”, “Ziyeli” of Pakhtaobod district conducted medical examinations of 438 residents and handed over medicines to 200 low-income families.

29.03.2021 On 01.04.2021, doctors of the Khorezm regional branch of the International Charitable Foundation "Soglom avlod Uchun" conducted a medical examination of 319 residents in 4 mahallas of Avazdunak, Panamakhsum, Koradomok, Chanashik of the Khiva district and in 3 mahallas of Buyrochi, Okkul, Oston of the Shovot district, of which 143 residents were given medicines.

On April 29.03.2021 – 02.04.2021, the Soglom Avlod Uchun Foundation of the Republic of Karakalpakstan conducted a medical examination of 305 residents living in the Chimbay district, mahallas of Mayzhap orayi, Karaz, Boishen, Koshkar zhikkan, Ferma, Bagh. 207 citizens were given medicines and glasses. Work has been carried out to inform citizens about a healthy lifestyle and coronavirus infection.

Employees of the Tashkent Regional International Charitable Foundation "Soglom avlod Uchun" from 27.03.21 to 29.03.2018. In 03.2021, 127 residents were examined in 2 mahallas of Buka district in Dustlik and Kuldirok, and 98 residents were given medicines in the form of donations.

Tashkent city Medical and Social Center from 29.03.2021 to 01.04.2021 in the mahallas "Mukhtor Ashrafiy", "Marifat", "Shirinobod", "Al-Bukhori" of the Yashnabad district, a medical examination of 180 residents was conducted, of which 78 patients were provided with charitable assistance with medicines.

From March 29.03 to March 30.03, 2021, in Surkhandarya region, together with the International Charitable Foundation “Soglom Avlod Uchun”, the regional health department conducted a medical social survey of family members of 9222 military units and arats, as well as from March 31 to April 1, families in need of social protection living in mahallas located in the territory of sector 3 of the city of Termez, a total of 218 citizens were examined.

In the period from 29.03.2021 to 02.04.2021, the staff of the brigade of the International Charitable Foundation "Soglom avlod Uchun" of Navoi region conducted a medical examination of 366 residents of the Kukcha mahalla, Eski Kukcha of the Kanimeh district, 106 residents were distributed medicines. Conducted work with citizens on the following topics: "Healthy lifestyle", "Prevention of coronavirus disease", "Negative consequences of early marriage", "Healthy mother-healthy child".

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