Supporting creative active children, including by means of fund to help them participproviding them participants in the international contest.

During period 2002-2008 with support of the foundation 45 children took part at the international master-class and contest

Holding different competitions, exhibitions, festivals and other cultural events

Among pupils of comprehensive schools:

  • Republican contest of picture among children age of 5-15, title of “Peace for Earth planet”
  • Republican festival of assembly and orchestra of national instruments
  • Republican festival of classical music «San’at gunchalari

Among children from specialized nursing home and charity homes

Republican contest of child picture “Kamalak jilosi” among children from “Charity house”

Festival-competition of child picture “Creativity of Children”


Among disabled children

  • International Central-Asian art contest among disabled children  «World of fascinating colors»
  • From the very beginning of its formation, Soglom avlod uchun foundation’s task has become bringing up love to art among children. For this and also with the purpose and supports of the most gifted children the foundation has developed and realizing the program on support of gifted children.

For realization of the Program masters classes, competitions of classical music and competitions of artists have been held:

  • The San’at gunchalari republican competition of classical music, in which more than 100 children of musicians from all provinces of Uzbekistan annually take part. The competition is held on classes – a violin, a piano, a violoncello. Many winners of San’at gunchalari competition now participate in the international competitions of classical music held in Germany, USA and France.
  • Peace in the planet of the Earth” republican competition in which children in the age of 5-15 years old from all regions of Uzbekistan take part. The masters classes are held for young children in Tashkent city by known artists of Uzbekistan in the aim of promoting professional skills of children.
  • Kamalak jilosi republican competition in which children from all children’s orphanage institutions of Uzbekistan take part. The competition is held with assistance of Embassy of the Arabian Republic of Egypt in Uzbekistan. In the competition annually about 100 orphan children take part.- The international competition among disabled children “The World of bewitching paints”. The competition is organized together with Engrag international humanitarian foundation. In the competition disabled children draw pictures, make various products and ceramics, tree and other materials. Within the framework of the competition annual seminars on problems of physical disability are held for parents of disadvantaged children.
  • For the first time in 2003 a certain number of children from all regions of Uzbekistan became participants of the Children draw Moscow international competition. The competition was realized together with Representation of Russian foreign center. At the results of the competition each child received diplomas of the international model.
  • Soglom avlod uchun foundation actively participates in sending gifted children from Uzbekistan to the international masters classes. Children from Uzbekistan have taken part in the masters classes organized in Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In 2003 eight children participated in masters classes in the Kharkov art galleries in Kharkov (Ukraine). Besides Soglom avlod uchun foundation sent gifted children for participation in the international competitions. In 2003 children from Uzbekistan have taken part in the International competitions in Washington and Michigan (competition “Interlochin”).