Formation of necessary conditions for broad involvement of children, especially girls-teenagers, to sport exercise;

Popularization of all kind of sports such as big tennis, kurash, table tennis, football, synchronic swimming, art gymnastic, badminton, volleyball and etc.

Organization of federation on synchronic swimming, art gymnastic and table tennis in each region.

Holding sport events both for healthy and disabled children

  • Republican tournament on table tennis;
  • Regional and districts tournament on art gymnastic;
  • International tournament on synchronic swimming “Suv Parisi”
  • Festival of winter sports  «Chimgan-extreme»
  • Youth Festival  «Extreme against drugs»
  • Youth eco-festival «Chimgan-Echо»
  • Para Olympic game
  • International competitions among disabled children

Special Olymics

The foundation has been carrying out the program on development of children’s sports since 1993. The basic purpose of the given program is involving children and youth from all over the regions of Uzbekistan, especially from remote regions to sports exercises. The special attention is given to involvement of girls to sports excerceses. We shall note that pre-realization of Republican and International tournaments, mini qualification tournaments are carried out in all regions, and then in the regional centers of Uzbekistan. Within the framework of the program the Soglom avlod uchun foundation organizes the following tournaments and sports competitions:

  • The foundation realizes the international tennis tournament for the Soglom avlod uchun cup among children, in which children from all regions of Uzbekistan and from the CIS countries participate. About 80 children participate in tournament in total annually. During the realization of the tournaments more than 300 children has taken part. Many of them now are participants of large international tournaments, including tournaments of a series of The Big helmet and Masters’ tournaments.
  • About 200 girls from all regions of the Republic and the CIS countries annually take part in the international tournament of rhythmic gymnastics among children. In total more than 1000 girls has taken part during the realization of the tournaments. Within the framework of the tournament qualification tournaments are organized in all regions in which girls from the age of 3-4 up to 12 years old participate. In 2003 such tournaments, for the first time, was realized between regional sections in the Namangan and Bukhara provinces. With the purpose of development of rhythmic gymnastics the Center for development of rhythmic gymnastics was established at Soglom avlod uchun foundation. The center organizes trainings for couches and instructors along with organization of various tournaments. The foundation conducts preliminary medical examination and vitaminizations of participants of competitions prior to each tournament. Besides, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federations in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the regional centers of Uzbekistan was established with the initiative of the foundation.
  • Suv parisi international synchronic swimming tournaments and tournament for the Soglom avlod uchun cup. Annually more than 50 girls from all provinces of Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, China and South Korea take part in tournament. Within the framework of support to the synchronic swimming development Soglom avlod uchun foundation has acted as the initiator in establishing the synchronic swimming federations in all administrative centers of provinces. In 2003 Soglom avlod uchun foundation sent the national team of Uzbekistan to Barcelona (Spain) for the Water Sports World championship where the national team from Uzbekistan, participants of the national team of Uzbekistan was recognized as the youngest team.