With regards of international status, «SOGLOM AVLOD UCHUN» foundation actively cooperates with Embassies accredited in the Republic of Uzbekistan such as Japan, Germany, Israel, Egypt, South Korea, Turkey, Russian Federation; International organizations such as UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Health organization; companies such as “Procter & Gamble” (USA), Karl Storz, Merk, Carl Zeiss Yena (Germany), Solvay Pharma (Switzerland), Pribori Oy (Finland), Lek (Slovakia), Ron Pulenk Rore, ZeromaX; Humanitarian organization’s such as AmeriCares, Counterpart International (USA), International Cooperation Agency of Japan, “Rescue children”, “Children of earth” foundations (Japan), KOICA, Korean Foundation of International Healthcare (K-FIH, Republic of Korea), Junior Chamber International (Korea), International Charity Organization “Friedensdorf International” (Germany); Joint enterprises such as Sovplastital, Coca cola, Business Technology and etc.

The foundation intends to use accumulated experience in cooperation with governmental, nongovernmental organizations and other partners aiming at further development and realization of joint programs in the fields of education, culture, medicines and investments.