About Us


We work, giving warmly needing, we are proud that our activity brings happiness in houses, we will do everything that our children grew as harmoniously developed person. For this purpose we direct our activities to realization of humanitarian, medical, educational programs, support of talented children and propagation of a healthy life style which cover vulnerable levels of population, children and youth. We are one big family – Soglom avlod uchun which works that you were happier.

Our aim is directed to realization of the activity directed to maintenance of health of the future generation, motherhood and childhood safety, creation of favorable conditions for physical, intellectual and moral development of children.

– Coordination of efforts of the public directed to improvement of a genofund of the future generation, motherhood and childhood protection;
– Assistance in the organization of workings out and realization especially in regions of ecologycally vulnerable, a complex of the scientific, technical, industrial, agitatsionno-preventive programs directed to creation of a stable basis of cardinal improvement and protection of motherhood and infancy;
– Realization of measures directed to preservation and strengthening of health of rising generation, and providing a basis of increase of intellectual, physical, spiritual and cultural level of the people of Uzbekistan;
– Assistance to strengthening of material base obstetrical and child care centers;
– Maintenance with new effective medical means, basically at the expense of creation of corresponding manufactures in Uzbekistan;
– Public opinion formation about a correct life style, education of healthy generation and creation of favorable inhabitancy of the person;
– Contribution to attraction of investments on expansion of material resources of bodies of obstetric and childhood aid, manufacture of specialized toolkit, medicines;
– Assistance to improvement and organization of industrial production of a special food for children and mothers;
– Assistance to development and deepening of the international cooperation in the field of studying of problems of motherhood and childhood safety, strengthening a genofund, demographic and sociological researches, cooperates with that end in view with the international bodies of the United Nations, other international organizations and leading scientists, economy, politicians of foreign countries.